Hidden Heart is the work of filmmaker Zara Afzal and producer Christopher Hird (Battle for Barking, Inside the Saudi Kingdom, The End of the Line). It chronicles the lives and travails, the joys and sorrows of muslim women who find love outside their own culture or faith. In finding love they face challenges to their idea of community and oftentimes ostracism from those closest to them. The film explores a new vision of cultural identity, defying the notion of a so-called ‘clash of cultures’ and challenging barriers to understanding between different communities. Although focussing on the lives of British men and women, the film will strike a chord with any and all of those around the world living in a tight-knit community, under pressure to maintain their identity. Hidden Heart is currently in production, with completion expected later in 2014. If you would like to be kept informed, please join our mailing list at zygofilms.com/ If you would like to help fund the film’s completion and outreach campaign, please contact christo@dartmouthfilms.com. For more information on Dartmouth Films, visit dartmouthfilms.com