Hidden Heart

1. Choose your date & venue 

‘Hidden Heart’ will be on release from 16th February 2018, and we are happy to take bookings any time after this date. Choose whichever date suits you best. 

In terms of venue, the easiest screening locations are places that are already set up for you to watch a film. Schools, colleges, universities, libraries, community centres, pubs or small local cinemas are all usually equipped with a projector and media player which means you will be able to set up easily and not have to worry about anything technical. If you don’t have access to these places, don’t worry. You can always borrow equipment from a local hire house and screen it in your local community hall, mosque, church, synagogue or meeting house or your own living room! The film is roughly 75 mins long, so you’ll need to allow time for set up (about 45 minutes) and at least 20 minutes for you to clear up afterwards. You may want to schedule time in for a chat and discussion after the film too! 

2.Make An Event Of It! 

Consider organising some speakers to answer questions or hold a debate or workshop after the film. You could invite a local activist or expert to bring your audience up to speed about what’s already happening in your area. ‘Hidden Heart’ is a thought provoking film which has already stirred up some discussion. 

Alternatively, you could use this as an opportunity to empower groups or individuals by holding an informative event about integration, the work which your group do, topic of feminism, multiculturalism, interfaith or whatever else you like. It makes for a much more inspiring occasion when people can immediately start engaging about how the film inspires them. 

3. Buying Your License + Payment 

In order to book your screening with us, head on over to our website and fill our the booking form. You’ll be asked to provide us with a date and venue in order to go ahead, which is why it’s a good idea to work these out beforehand. We will assess your organisation type and audience size and get back to you with the appropriate screening fee. Once we have confirmed the price, venue and time with yourself, we can send over an invoice which needs to be paid as soon as possible. Do let us know when you have paid, and if possible use our invoice number as your reference on the bank transfer. The invoice will have all of our bank details on it for you to be able to transfer the money. We will then release the DVD/digital file about a week before your screening. We would also recommend that you download our 

press and stills pack from our website (under press) as you can use these images and synopsis to advertise your screening. 

Why Do I Need to Pay A Screening Fee? 

We would love to be able to let you screen ‘Hidden Heart’ for free but sadly we are unable to do this. Our screening fee helps us to recoup the costs of production and towards distribution of the film - unfortunately we are independent producers and are not bankrolled by a large production company. We want the film to reach the most amount of people possible, but we cannot do this without money. We do offer ‘Hidden Heart’ at a lower rate for non-profit, voluntary and grassroots organisations. 

4. Tell Us When Your Screening is Online 

We want to support all of the community screenings as best we can. If you let us know when your screening is available to view and buy tickets online - we can link this to our website and Facebook page which will hopefully drive larger audiences to your screening. We have a large database of people who have already asked to see the film, and we will let them know if the film is screening in their area. 

5. Await your DVD/Digital File 

We generally send the film out about a week prior to your screening date. This ensures enough time for you to check the film over and make sure it plays correctly and you are happy with the picture/sound. We do ask that you return the DVD/file after your screening, to the return address: Dartmouth Films, West Wing, Somerset House, Strand, WC2R 1LA. 

6. Decide on your ticket prices 

It is entirely up to you whether or not you charge people to attend your event, and what you do with the proceeds. We would encourage you to charge even a small amount, as this can reimburse you for the cost of the screening. You could also use the event as a fundraiser for your community group and hold an auction or a raffle as part of the screening. 

7. Market the screening 

In addition to advertising on our website, and using our promotional/press packs - there are many other ways to get word about your screening out there. You could: 

  • Create a Facebook event
  • Use twitter to promote the event
  • Contact local newspaper, TV and radio stations. They may feature your event especially if you have a Q&A or discussion with high profile guests.
  • Reach out to other local activist/grassroots groups who may be interested in the event. They may bring along a whole new audience of their own. You can usually find other groups in your area on Facebook.
  • Place flyers and ads in local shop windows, schools and universities.
  • Email family, friends and colleagues and ask them to forward it on to anyone who may be interested.

8. Borrow Equipment & Check That it Works! 

If your venue doesn’t come with its own equipment you’re going to have to borrow a DVD player/laptop, a projector and screen as well as a sound system (amplifier and speakers). If the idea of setting up screening equipment leaves you with sweaty palms, find someone to help. Depending on the size of the space and the specifics of the event you have planned you may need a microphone as well. Tech Check: Best to check your system in the venue a couple of days before the event to work out any bugs, at the very least make sure you’ve tested the DVD in the player or laptop you will use. In the venue, play the film and ask yourself: Does the picture look alright? Adjust the colour until faces look normal - Are the proportions right? If it looks funny, you need to change the aspect ratio. Make sure it’s displayed in “16:9” or “widescreen.” - Does it sound clear with no distortions or hums? Is it loud enough? It will sound different in a packed room, so make sure someone can make adjustments to the volume once the screening has begun. - Listen to the room. Are there any noisy fans, fridges or building works that you can turn off? - Find out where the house lights are and make sure you have access to them If you get really stuck, and you’ve tried all of the above options to fix the problem - please do give us a call and we will do our best to help. 

9. Introduce and inform! 

It’s important to have a table or a stall where you can give guests information about your organisation and about the film. This might be the first time attending an event by your group for most people, and it’s a good idea for them to be able to take away as much information as possible (then hopefully they will come back!). 

Ensure you have leaflets/flyers about your own organisation as well as some information about ‘Hidden Heart’ too. It’s also a good idea to have a mailing list that can be handed around through the audience - that way you can keep guests updated with what is going with your group’s activities. 

You could also put out a bucket for donations, if you have decided not to charge for entry to the screening. 

10. The Event 

Don’t forget to collect email addresses throughout the screenings on the sign up sheets. You should also do an introduction to your group and to the event, especially for newcomers who may not really know who you are. You can always ask for donations at this point too. 

11. Enjoy the film! 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the film. There are lots of interesting discussions that will come out of watching ‘Hidden Heart’, so if you have a Q&A afterwards. Hopefully you will encourage an enthusiastic group of newcomers to your organisations, and leave them wanting to attend your next event. 

If you have any questions about putting on your screening then we are more than happy to try and help. Please email screenings@dartmouthfilms.com and we will do our best!